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Impact Wellbeing and Engagement – Impact Results

Get stronger results for students, staff and your school through deeper insights and evidence-based tools.

The one tool you need to measure and impact student and staff engagement and wellbeing

Impact Student Wellbeing
Empowering students to perform better in all aspects of school and life
Impact Classroom Engagement
Supporting teachers to be more effective and produce better results
Impact Business Results
Through increased enrollment, higher student engagement, more effective teachers, reduced cost & saved time
Demonstrate Value to Stakeholders
Quantify the impact of student and staff engagement through wellbeing and convert it into value to all stakeholders.
Upstrive Education is a system which positively impacts student and staff wellbeing and engagement. It gives educators real-time data on user experiences, empowering them to better support their students academically, socially, mentally, and emotionally. The core of the system is the mobile application which allows teachers to ask open questions, create engaging polls, post relevant content and apply evidence-based tools to targeted users within the community.
But while any educational institution can gather student data, Upstrive is unique because it helps educators to effectively use that data and positively impact wellbeing and engagement ultimately leading to stronger results. By providing deep analytics, you have an instant overview of what is happening in your community. This allows you to identify issues, intervene and respond efficiently, whether your students are in-class or distance learners.
Positive feedback on effect of Upstrive on wellbeing and bullying
Daily student engagement with Upstrive tools

Schools implementing Upstrive after trial

“This app is awesome. It provides several communication channels where children and teenagers can reach out to peers, trusted advisors or school personnel.”
Head of Year, Secondary
“Upstrive has given us the opportunity to identify students on a daily basis who need additional support for their emotional wellbeing. Information is shared quickly so the class teacher can react to the needs of the individuals in their class and we have seen a marked improvement on relationships and behaviours in the classroom."
Student Counselor
“Upstrive allows teachers to easily send questions to their classes and is a quick and engaging way to assess their students learning. The app offers a safe place for students to reflect on their feelings but is also practical for teachers to use on a day to day basis.”
Student Counselor

The Upstrive system
is a fully integrated solution

The Upstrive system is a fully integrated solution comprising of three core elements:

  •  Mobile Application
  •  Desktop Application
  •  Toolkit Database

The three elements are all linked and work seamlessly under one teacher user account.

Through the convenience of both the mobile application and the desktop, feedback can be gained and valuable content shared at any time. The flexibility is almost limitless—you decide what content is posted, when, to whom, how often and how you would like it tracked. This allows you to develop and implement the right interventions and initiatives to get to the results you want. And with our toolkits, we make all of this even easier.

Real Time
Create polls, ask questions and get responses in real-time – so you can act immediately at the right place at the right time. Real-time data allow you to resond quickly and efficiently to any challenges that arise.
Full Customization
You decide what you ask, when, how often and to what audience. Laser target your initiatives and interventions to address anything effectively. As simple as that.
Quantify Wellbeing
The system does all the work for you, so you can focus on what counts. Upstrive analyzes the information gathered allowing you to take the action needed to create change where you want to see it—find out what’s working and what’s not.
Evidence-based Tools
We provide you with a wide range of evidence-based tools to support you and empower your students. Get access to a toolkit of resources based on proven effective coaching methods, Positive Psychology and behavioural theories.
Data Security
Data security is at the heart of our system, and we understand how important this element is to you, your students, and your parental community. At Upstrive, we use world-class security features and encryption for safeguarding and data protection.
Deep Analytics
This is what makes Upstrive unique. We provide you with deep analytics to help you understand what your students are experiencing. More importantly, we provide you with the intervention tools to help you get the results you want.

Upstrive Tools

At Upstrive we believe in continuous improvement. We are constantly developing and adding modules and tools. This will strengthen the analytics and convert the data you get out of Upstrive into stronger results for your students, staff, and your organization.

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